Crippled Black Phoenix – Resurrectionists/Night Raider

3 Oct

I just realized Invada Records still have copies of Crippled Black Phoenix´ (with ex-members of Electric Wizard) massive releases Resurrectionists and Night Raider. This is the definitive versions of these recordings earlier released on a  myriad of vinyl and cd versions with different track listings. The coloured limited releases also being available. Don´t sleep on this, highly recommended! Order here.

“After two years of speculation, it is now time to confirm the impending release of both “The Resurrectionists” and “Night Raider” on vinyl for the first time. Originally released in 2009 on CD as a limited 2 CD box set and also as a single condensed CD in the form of “200 Tons Of Bad Luck”, the album was received with critical acclaim. Now available on every true rock fans favourite format, both CD’s will be available as two separate limited edition double-albums with new expertly crafted artwork setting them apart from a simple re-release. Also included across the albums are seven officially unreleased tracks which have never been available on any CBP physical product”.

Listen in spotify here:


Death Grips – NØ LØV∑ D∑∑P W∏B

1 Oct

This might be the only digital only release I´ll be posting ever. Today the beast known as Death Grips posted their new album, No Love Deep Web. is already down (probably due to traffic, maybe because of tattoed penis cover or rage from their label), but you can stream it via Soundcloud. Get at it below. Shiiiiet!




A.C. Newman – Shut Down The Streets

27 Sep


I´ve been jamming  the magnificent new song from A.C. Newman ,”I´m not talking”, for some time, and today I got a mail from Matador announcing the full album is up for order. First 300 copies on limited edition coloured vinyl, and judging only from that one track I´ve heard, I think this might have a shot at a lot of year end lists out there. Grab yours here. Oh, did I mention it features Neko Case? Well, it does!


“A.C. Newman may best be known as the leader of The New Pornographers, but he has also made two much-loved solo albums. These show a more personal and intimate side to Carl’s songwriting, and on this new one, recorded in Woodstock in Upstate New York, he is joined by long time colleague Neko Case to make one of his most gorgeous, wide-ranging records yet.

Inspired by classic ‘70s folk and pop songwriters ranging from Gerry Rafferty to “Daylight Katy”-period Gordon Lightfoot, Newman harnesses lush sonics and sweeping string and synth backgrounds that are miles away from his main band’s pulsating pop-punk. His existing audience will love it, but it will also appeal to fans of other successful modern singer-songwriters from James Mercer to Ben Gibbard to Robin Pecknold.

Unlike some of those stars, Newman continues a penchant for lyrical wit, best heard in tracks like “Encylopedia of Classic Takedowns” and the wistful “There’s Money In New Wave.” The album as a whole, however, is brutally honest, open and affecting in a way Newman has rarely been in the past”.

Stream “Encyclopedia of classic takedowns” over at pitchfork.



S U R V I V E – HD009

23 Sep


It was bound to happen, and actually I´m surprised it took 35 posts to get here: a tape release! Some really good drones here from S U R V I V E. Out on holodeck records in an edition of 100, here.


“Originally self released by the band in an instantly sold-out batch of 30 tapes, HD009 from SURVIVE finds the quartet again in their analog control-room. Side A is an extended demo-version of the post new-age opus Deserted Skies, from SURVIVE’s debut LP out on Mannequin Records. Unidentifiable mechanical voices give way to washes of static drones at the onset of Side B, eventually being swallowed in pulses of dreary prog-ambience”.


Indian Handcrafts – Civil Disobedience For Losers

20 Sep


Indian Handcrafts second full-length is finally up for pre-order. This Canadian duo (drums, guitar) rips off Big Business, Soundgarden and Rage Against the Machine, so be prepared to hold tightly on to your socks if you don´t wanna part with them.


“Everything about Canadian power-duo Indian Handcrafts seems to defy possibilities: a two piece that’s louder than a hundred bands, kicking out one of the year’s most riff-rollicking albums that was recorded while the guitarist had a broken hand! They’re two friendly, soft-spoken Canadian guys sounding like the Funkadelic Mothership crash landing on top of the Planet Caravan in Interstellar Overdrive.

Indian Handcrafts’ well honed, massive melodic heft seems to belie the simplicity of instrumentation between drummer/vocalist Brandyn James Aikins and guitarist/vocalist Daniel Brandon Allen. While their songs feature hints of heavy, technically skilled bands like Big BusinessHella and Tweakbird, there are also strong melodies and a vocal intensity inviting comparisons to artists ranging from Death From Above 1979 to Jack White. Top that all off with a rhythmic groove reminiscent of a hybrid of ZZ Top‘s Tres Hombres and Funkadelic‘s Standing On The Verge of Getting It On and it’s clear that Indian Handcrafts are much, much more than the sum of their parts.

Bursting out of Barrie, Ontario this pair of charming gentlemen immediately impacted the world with a self-released 8-song debut album in 2011. Cathy Pellow of Sargent House quickly took notice and signed the band on to management and the label. Shortly thereafter, Civil Disobedience For Losers was recorded in Los Angeles in March 2012 with engineer Toshi Kasai (Melvins, Big Business, Red Sparowes) and featuring special guest appearances by Melvins drummers Dale Crover and Coady Willis. Even with such superfriends assisting the proceedings, Indian Handcrafts prove their own exceptional strengths throughout the album.

“The doctor said if you go and record that’s your problem if it gets worse,” Allen explains of recording with a broken hand. “It was a little painful some days, but because of being there in the surroundings it was easy to get around that. It healed fine.” Overall, the duo says the recording came together very quickly under Kasai’s guidance, but it’s the bond between Aikins and Allen that gives Indian Handcrafts its lean, ferocious personality. “We first started this band when playing in another band that was pissing us off,” Aikins says. “We were the two who always got along. I can’t ever see us having anyone else in the band. Unless Toshi played tambourine.”

Album opener “Bruce Lee” kicks off (as it were) with a storming drop tuned guitar riff for which Soundgardenwould’ve killed decades ago and surreptitiously eases into a breakdown worthy of Funkadelic‘s Cosmic Slop before leaping headlong into a blazing double-time group chant crescendo led by triple marching snare drums courtesy of Aikins and special guests Crover and Willis of the Melvins. “Red Action” pulls Grand Funk boogie into a violent confrontation with HEALTH level effect pummeling as Aikins and Allen trade vocal-chord shredding harmonized screams. “Terminal Horse” blazes along on a harmonized riff while the dual vocalists spit out lyrics as if their lives depended on it. Elsewhere, Indian Handcrafts go in for the kill on the explosive “Centauri Teenage Riot” pitting the fury of teen angst against a wall of guitars and the dual drum attack of Aikins and Crover. On “The Jerk” chiming, delay-soaked post-punk guitar counters a propulsive 60s R&B beat as the vocalists spin a tale of seemingly depraved sex: “said you wanted a lovah, so we went down south and tried to find you a lovah/ You wanted a lovah/ You got with the other.” Throughout, infectious guitar riffs, intense vocal harmonies and pounding drums spin wildly out of control as they churn out headbanging rock so catchy it seems like it’s been a forgotten art for countless decades”.


Mount Moriah – S/T

18 Sep

Jenks Miller of Horseback lays aside his shrieks of anguish and repetetive droning guitar figures, and teams up with Heather McEntire on vocals to create some pretty neat americana that would sit nicely on the shelf beside Hiss Golden Messenger. Merge has their self titled debut up for pre-order on limited edition vinyl, and has already scheduled a second release for early 2013. Listen below the blurb.

“On October 2, Merge Records will release the self-titled debut album from North Carolina’s Mount Moriah on limited-edition LP. Available for the first time on vinyl, Mount Moriah was described by NPR Music as “an infectious brew of gospel, folk, rock and country that asks questions of the establishment while looking at love from every angle.”

The band will follow up the vinyl release of its debut album with a brand-new full-length in early 2013. Mount Moriah will also perform as part of Merge’s CMJ showcase on October 18 at Mercury Lounge in New York and join Mirah for east coast shows in November.

As record store clerks in Chapel Hill, NC, Heather McEntire (of post-punk veterans Bellafea) and Jenks Miller (of heavy-psych/metal outfit Horseback) spent their evenings creating Mount Moriah as an outlet for their mutual interest in classic American folk and rock music. Born in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains, McEntire weaves narratives into spectral tapestries imbued with the complex majesty of the South and its deep-seated spirituality. With nods to both classic folk-rock and their contemporaries, Mount Moriah challenges existing traditional folk music forms with arrangements born from Miller’s interest in minimalism and sound texture.

The limited-edition vinyl pressing of Mount Moriah, which was originally released in 2011 on CD and digital by Jenks and Heather’s own Holidays for Quince label, will include a full album download plus exclusive bonus tracks of radio sessions done last year in support of the album. Pre-order Mount Moriah on limited-edition LP with exclusive bonus tracks now in the Merge store”.